Crybaby GCB-95: Replace stock inductor with Fasel

Italian inductors made by Fasel are world’s best known components for good sounding wah. Not everyone can hear or tell the difference between Crybaby’s stock inductor and either red or yellow Fasel.
Anyhow, I got myself a red Fasel from and experimented.

The gray Converse All Star shoe is the stock inductor, while the red one is the Fasel :-)

To my ears, the Fasel sounds less trebly and has a smoother response between bass and treble. However it seems to lose some attack. After some playing, I opted to keep the stock. Your mileage may vary.

The mod is totally reversible, and you only need some soldering knowledge. This mod should work on Crybaby rev F and later (if you have revision I, please make sure the circuit board layout is the same as there could be differences in inductor pins placement).

Crybaby PCB
Here is the Crybaby PCB: the black, round components between the input and output jacks is the inductor.
Crybaby stock inductor pins
To remove the inductor, unsolder the 4 pins shown here.
Crybaby inductors
The stock inductor has four pins whereas the Fasel only has two.
Crybaby Fasel inductor pins
Don’t worry, the PCB can accept a Fasel inductor with no modification, just use these two pins.
Crybaby with red Fasel inductor
Here is how the new inductor looks like. Notice the PCB already has true-bypass mod.

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