Following are collaborations with fellow, talented musicians known through SoundCloud ♫ It’s been so cool being able to “play” with a lot of people from around the world. Different songs, genres and style.

Mirko Borach – SP Groove / November 2018
Mirko found a drums track played by Simon Phillips, and added his bass line. Then sent them over for me to add some noise :-)

Jimmy Rivas – Sure Don’t Bother Me / October 2018
Jimmy is a prolific songwriter. He reached me with this pop/reggae tune and I had fun adding some guitars.

Jimmy Rivas – Good Things / September 2018
Yet another great song by Jimmy, it’s always a pleasure for me to play on his tunes.

Jimmy Rivas – The Best Of Me / October 2018

Jamie Rhind – Ciao Bella / September 2017
A dark sounding funk/rock track with Mirko Borach (aka Stringburner) on bass.

Jimmy Rivas – Demon You Hide / September 2018
Rock sounding tune by Jimmy.

Jimmy Rivas – Stormy / September 2018
Mellow instrumental track written by Jimmy, I added some guitar melodies here and there.

Jimmy Rivas – Rankings / May 2018
Another great song by Jimmy (again with Mark Dennis on bass). Love playing on this kind of tracks.

Jimmy Rivas – Undeniable / April 2018
A beatiful song written by Jimmy, with Mark Dennis on bass. It turned out a great collaboration!

Mirko Borach – Money / April 2018
Yes, another funky, crazy bass part coming out of Mirko’s fingers! I added some guitars, and mixed/mastered the track

Johan Rignér – Bunker Fuel / April 2018
Some odd time signature from Mr. Rignér this time. He brought Joe Drzewiecki on sax and Anders Edstrand on drums. Here I’m playing my Warmoth assembled super strat with Seymour Duncan pickups.

Simon Reich – Let Loose / March 2018
My Aussie friend Simon asked me to add guitars to his funk/rock tune. The Donald approved it :-)

Mirko Borach – Drive / December 2017
Mirko provided yet another funk/rock bass track, I added some drums and guitars and I mixed and mastered.

Julian Apelian – Spy Groove / September 2017
Julian is an awesome keyboards player from France, and asked Mirko and me to collaborate on his 007 inspired track.

Mirko Borach – Barracuda 69 / June 2017
Mirko provided explosive bass track, I added some drums and guitars and I took care of mixing and mastering as well. Another all European production!

Johan Rignér – Stress Rehab / February 2017
Johan came up with this R’n’B slow tempo track, and I had fun adding some guitars :)

Mirko Borach – Jack Vegas / February 2017
Another stellar track from Mirko! He asked me to play some Strat on it, and here is the funkiness that resulted.

Peter Bennborn Project – Snap / February 2017
Yep, this is another collab with Peter! This time we ventured into Synth Rock.

Jamie Rhind – Pick Me Up / January 2017
How about starting the new year with some funkiness? Also featuring Mirko “Stringburner” Borach on bass.

Jimmy Rivas – You Hold The Light / November 2016
Jimmy wrote one more great song. Then he asked me to add some guitars, and here is the result.

Johan Rignér – Heavy Moon / November 2016
Johan sent me this track he wrote where another fellow SoundClouder (FLoHBoLD) added some sick rhythm guitars. Then he asked me and Daniel van den Berg to play a guitar solo each. I played the first, while Dan played the second. I suggest to listen quite a few times Dan’s solo, because you won’t believe how such a great player he is ;-)

Jimmy Rivas – Flying Over The Beach / November 2016
Jimmy sent me this melodic funk track to which he asked to add some guitars, and that’s it :)

Johan Rignér – Grasshopper / October 2016
Awesome Funky / Pop / R’n’B track written by Johan. Mirko Borach (aka Stringburner) added some slap bass funkiness, and I added some funk guitars.

Mirko Borach – Teen Town / October 2016
Mirko created this jam track, then asked a few guitar and keyboard players to solo on it. Boom.

Jimmy Rivas – Niagara / October 2016
Jimmy sent me this beautiful, delicate piano track and asked me to add some guitar on it. Pretty cool what we ended up with.

Peter Bennborn Project – Libra / September 2015
It’s been a while since Peter and I worked together on a song. Here the mighty Manuel Muzzu played bass and long time collaborator Walter Kellher played some cool drums. The cool thing is we got to collaborate with a percussionist from Dubai.
Jimmy Rivas on vocals completed beautifully this AOR inspired song.

Jimmy Rivas – Blinded By The Sun / September 2016
Yet another brilliant song from Jimmy. This is a delicate, slow ballad I added a couple of guitar solos to.

Mirko Borach – Polar Bears in Antarctica / September 2016
Same bass and drums as TrainwrecK (see below), but this time Mirko asked me and Johan Rignér to add some noise. Completely different from Trainwreck, it turned into a progressive funk song, which I’m very proud of. I took care of mixing and mastering as well.

Mirko Borach – Trainwreck / August 2016
Track written by Mirko. Phil Currie added some rhythm guitars and then Mirko asked some guitar playes (me included) to contribute with a solo, turning the track into a big jam.

Jimmy Rivas – I’ll Follow / June 2016
I’ve been asked by Jimmy to add some guitars to his beautiful composition where he plays keys and sings. He’s an amazing songwriter, and it’s been a real honor and pleasure to play on this delicate, deep ballad.

Mirko Borach – G-Funk 2 / January 2016
Started off 2016 with a groovy funk created by Mirko. Anthony “CHeeZ” Chessells (an amazing guitar player from Australia) played the second solo. Crazy.

Simon Reich – All Or Nothing / December 2015
First collab with the awesome keyboard player Simon from Australia. Here is a funk/fusion tune with Mirko Borach on bass.

Mirko Borach – Fast Cruiser / November 2015
Yet another collab with the explosive bass player Mirko Borach from Germany.

Mirko Borach – Funkster (Jam) / August 2015
Mirko wanted to use an old song he wrote that features his awesome bass playing talent, and have some of his favorite SoundCloud guitar players on board. Yet another fun jam!

Mirko Borach – Agroovement / July 2015
Mirko can tirelessly come up with funk bass lines that make you dance your ass off :-) Add a touch of Joe’s sax and Johan’s keys, together with some of my guitar playing and here is the result.

Johan Rignér – The Plastic Glove / June 2015
Based on Johan’s idea, this is a happy sounding tune. Joe and Mirko on sax and bass respectively did a great job on this one. I just added a but of funk :-)

Peter Bennborn Project – Shackles & Chains / April 2015
Cowritten by Pete and Noémie Costa, this is an emotional track that features fellow italian bass player Manuel Muzzu.

Johan Rignér – Bad Character / February 2015
A mix of progressive and groovy, subtle funk on this track written by Johan. We had some fun with this one.

Mirko Borach – Peppers / January 2015
Funk, Rock and Jazz fuse together in this spicy track written by the awesome bass player Mirko Borach from Germany.

Flowermouth – Not / January 2015
I came up with the chord progression idea for this collaboration, and Dennis added his bass and keyboards magic for this alternative, progressive flavoured track.

Jamie Rhind – In The Mode / December 2014
Jamie sent me this short but strong modal track with some of his keyboards crazyness, and when it came down to record my guitar it all came together in a matter of half an hour. Pure fun and pretty cool result I think :)

Peter Bennborn Project – Blue Passion / November 2014
I’m never tired of working on Peter’s brilliant composition. And this one is no exception.

Jamie Rhind – That Feeling / August 2014
Fusion and funk go together on a brilliant track written by Jamie Rhind

Jamie Rhind: keys and synths
Daniele Turani: guitar
Mixed & Mastered: Daniele Turani

Peter Bennborn Project – Sunset Groove / July 2014
Funk and Jazz in this West Coast groove. It’s summertime :)

Music: Peter Bennborn
Drums: Walter Kelleher
Bass: Vlad Josephson
Guitars: Daniele Turani
EWI: Magnus Jansson
Keys/Synths: Peter Bennborn
Mixed & Mastered: Peter Bennborn

Peter Bennborn Project – That’s What / July 2014
Yet another Peter Bennborn Project collaboration. This time venturing into jazz territory. Talented musicians on this one, check it out.

Drums: Walter Kelleher
Bass: Vlad Josephson
Lead guitar: Derek Cornett
Comp guitar: Daniele Turani
Saxophones: Joe Drzewiecki
Keys/Synths: Peter Bennborn
Mixed & Mastered: Peter Bennborn

Flowermouth – The Torment Of An Aphrodisiac / January 2014
Dennis “Flowermouth” Ramler is a talented bass player and eclectic songwriter. His unique style has great vibe, and I’m happy we were able to work together on one of his tracks.

Written by Dennis Ramler
Dennis Ramler – Bass, Keyboards and programming
Daniele Turani – Guitar
Mixed & Mastered: Dennis Ramler

Fabiano Matiolla – Overload / June 2013
I found this amazing bass player from Brazil on Soundcloud and immediately asked him if he wanted to collaborate with me and swedish keyboards player Johan Rignér. He agreed and we started working on one of his funk/fusion groovy ideas. Awesome.

Music: Fabiano Matiolla
Bass: Fabiano Matiolla
Keyboards: Johan Rignér
Guitars: Daniele Turani
Drums programming: Daniele Turani
Mixed & Mastered: Daniele Turani

Finn G. Baardsen – T for 3 / April 2013
Calling all blues guitar nerds: here is another collaboration. Based on Finn‘s idea, Tom Roxx and I jumped on board and played on this Norway-USA-Italy slow blues jam.
Who’s playing when & where is indicated in the timeline.
The players and tools used:

Daniele Turani:
Rash ST Rashter (hot rodded strat), DiMarzio Tone Zone split + stock middle SC through Guitar Rig 5.

Tom RoXX:
78 Gibson Les Paul Standard-Factory pickups thru Guitar Rig 5.

Gibson SG, ’57 classic HB in first solo – all else is a Squire Super-Sonic with ’75 Dimarzio Super-Distortion. All run thru a Vox ToneLab and a clean Boss GT-Pro.

Music by: Finn G. Baardsen
Guitars: Finn G. Baardsen, Daniele Turani, Tom Roxx
Mixed & Mastered: Finn G. Baardsen

Johan Rignér – 3rd Int. Conference on a Higher Lifestyle in a Pleasurable World / April 2013
Apparently Sweden is full of talented musicians other than ABBA and Roxette. Here is a collaboration with excellent keyboard player Johan Rignér from Stockholm Area. He sent me an almost finished backing track, that starts with a mellow, beautiful Rhodes then turns into a progressive rock instrumental piece. I added my guitar parts and helped a bit with drums programming.

Written by Johan Rignér
Johan Rignér – Keyboards and programming
Daniele Turani – Guitar
Mixed & Mastered: Johan Rignér

Florian Müller – Die Gier / February 2013
Fellow german guitarist Florian “Flohbold” Müller composed, played and sang this hard rock song in german and we agreed I would play lead guitar. One of my favorites collaboration solos!

Music and Lyrics: Florian Müller
Vocals: Florian Müller
Rhythm Guitars: Florian Müller
Lead Guitar: Daniele Turani
Programming: Florian Müller
Mixed & Mastered: Florian Müller

Peter Bennborn Project – Never Turn Me Down / February 2013
A groovy, funky, excellent composition from Pete. Features some of the finest musicians on Soundcloud: Fipilino/Belgique Michelle Yaneza on vocals, swedish Jonny Trobro on bass, american Walter Kelleher drummer, swedish Peter Bennborn on keyboards plus a guest funk guitar part from english Jerry Kramskoy.
This song was featured on The Penguin Show’s Jazzy Selection podcast, episode #78 March 28th, 2013; on english SkyHighRadio’s Unsigned Wednesday on February 13th, 2013; and was featured on Nordic popular monthly magazine Studio & Live, October 2013 issue.
I’m so proud of this collaboration :)

Music: Peter Bennborn
Lyrics: Peter Bennborn
Vocals: Michelle Yaneza
“The Funk Unit”:
Drums: Walter Kelleher
Bass: Jonny Trobro
Guitars: Daniele Turani
Guitars: (left, second verse): Jerry Kramskoy
Keys/Synths: Peter Bennborn
Mixed & Mastered: Peter Bennborn

Peter Bennborn Project – Ultra Vox / July 2012
You can take the man out of the 1980s, but you can’t take the 1980s out of the man. This synth driven, glorious chorus, instrumental pop/rock song features swedish session player Jonny Trobro on bass, swedish drummer Anders Grönlund and of course Peter Bennborn on keyboards.

Original music composed by: Peter Bennborn
Guitars: Daniele Turani
Bass: Jonny Trobro
Synths: Peter Bennborn
Drums: Anders Grönlund
Mixed and Mastered by Peter Bennborn & Daniele Turani
Cover art: Jonny Trobro

Peter Bennborn Project – Devil May Care / June 2012
Pete again asked me to add guitar parts to this alternative/funk/rock song he wrote and I couldn’t say no. This track features Andre Bellwood from South Africa on vocals.

Original music composed by: Peter Bennborn
Vocals: Andre Bellwood
Guitars: Daniele Turani
Synths; bass, drum programming: Peter Bennborn
Drum programming and remix: Mixed Meta4
Mixed and Mastered by Peter Bennborn

Peter Bennborn Project – Same Dance As Always / May 2012
This was my very first collaboration on SoundCloud. Pete, from Sweden, is a talented keyboard player and eclectic composer. He asked me to add guitar parts to his dubstep/rock/funk track that adds up to his Peter Bennborn Project, and here is the result.

Original music composed by: Peter Bennborn
Vocals: Peter Bennborn
Guitars: Daniele Turani
Keys, synths, programming: Peter Bennborn
Mixed and Mastered by Peter Bennborn

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