Pickups wiring: HSH, Autosplit and Push-Pull coil split (Megaswitch E+)

If your 5 way pickup selector isn’t doing enough for you, there is an upgrade that suits your tastes.

A Schaller Megaswitch E+ and a push-pull (or push-push if you prefer) pot are required. The push-pull switch adds 3 more sounds to my existing combination. I wired the 5 way selector for autosplit. Autosplit means that bridge and neck humbucker pickups are automatically split when you select position 2 and 4 respectively. For this particular wiring I used a Schaller E+ 5-way pickup selector.

Before adding the push-push pot my pickup selector was configured as follows:

  • position 1: bridge pickup
  • position 2: bridge pickup split + middle
  • position 3: bridge + neck
  • position 4: midlle + neck split
  • position 5: neck

What I really missed was the option to use just the neck pickup split. But I got more! While using your 5 way selector with the push-pull pot pushed down doesn’t change much, using it with the tone pot “pulled” give you the following new options (in bold):

  • position 1: bridge pickup split
  • position 2: bridge pickup split + middle
  • position 3: bridge split + neck split
  • position 4: midlle + neck split
  • position 5: neck split

Basically it turns an HSH guitar into a SSS just by pushing a pot. And since I never use the middle pickup alone, having the option to select both the bridge and neck pickup split or full adds other interesting sounds.

Here is the wiring scheme (color code is for DiMarzio and  Seymour Duncan pickups only! You may want to adapt the scheme to other brands if needed. Check out this page: GuitarElectronics.com pickups color code scheme):

HSH wiring autosplit + coil split
HSH wiring autosplit + coil split (DiMarzio color code)
HSH wiring autosplit + coil split (Seymour Duncan color code)


If you experience phase cancellation problems in position 2 or 4, just invert the green and red wires (DiMarzio) or green and black (Seymour Duncan) of the corresponding humbucker and you’re done.

Posted on February 15th 2012 by